COVID-19 Testing & Long-Term Care

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About CHP

CHP is a partnership between scientists, healthcare professionals, industry advisors and independent lab owners. Our mission is to get America back to work.

Who we serve

With certified test lab capacity and experience serving high volume populations, CHP is here to help your organization get back to the physical world quickly and safely.

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Testing solutions for students, faculty, staff and athletics programs to bring the campus back to life.

Local Governement


Ready to help state and local government employees and contractors turn their states and cities back on.

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Standing by to test your employees and help your team get back to business.

Health Care


Able to serve the unique needs of hospitals, medical centers and other types of healthcare facilities.

How It Works

CHP delivers comprehensive testing solutions at scale by CLIA/CAP-certified labs and ongoing HIPAA-compliant support for Covid-19 testing programs. Accurate results are delivered to your team within 24-48 hours from lab receipt.

Needs assessment and program development

Sample collection and testing support

Results reporting and client data integration

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Let’s get back to work in the physical world. Contact us today. We will respond promptly to discuss your COVID-19 testing needs.



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