County Health Departments

Do you need help managing changing COVID-19 testing requirements? 

Working with county commissioners, health department directors, medical directors and others, CHP delivers program support and testing at the scale, volume, frequency and variation required by state and local governments.  

CHP delivers validated molecular testing supplies, CLIA/CAP-certified lab work and HIPAA-compliant reporting. CHP can also provide collection training, logistics support and guidance navigating complex and ever-changing legal and regulatory requirements.    

From help understanding  the CARES Act to recommendations for  making the most of limited testing budgets, CHP can be your guide and trusted partner for COVID-19 testing at scale. 

With secured testing supply and lab capacity, CHP is equipped to be your institution’s primary provider or backup supplier when additional testing is needed. CHP is flexible, resourceful, and capable of turning around results within 48 hours of lab receipt.   

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